Dr. Anna Skoracka

Dr. Anna Skoracka


Dr. Anna Skoracka is associated professor at the Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (AMU), Population Ecology Lab in Poznam (Poland) and vice-director of the Environmental Biology Institute, AMU. She obtained the M.Sc. in Biology and the Ph.D. in Zoology at the AMU, respectively in 1998 and 2002. Dr. Skoracka is mostly interested and she is currently focusing her research in ecology and evolution of plant-feeding arthropods, host specialization and host-race formation, mechanisms of mite speciation and dispersal.

Dr Skoracka’s scientific output comprises >70 scientific papers (52 recorded by Web of Science); she supervised 13 M.Scs and 3 Ph.Ds students. He is part of the editorial board of 3 international journals and referee of many journals in the areas of acarology and ecology. She has been member of the Scientific Committee of XV International Congress of Acarology.