Dr. Georgios Papadoulis

Dr. Georgios Papadoulis


Dr. Georgios Papadoulis is Full Professor of Agricultural Zoology and Acarology at the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), Greece, and the Head of the Laboratories of Agricultural Zoology & Entomology and Sericulture & Apiculture of the AUA.

He got his the M.Sc. in Plant Production and the Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences at the AUA, respectively in 1985 and 1992. Dr. Papadoulis is interested on the systematics of predatory mites and insects, with emphasis in the family Phytoseiidae. He has also worked intensively on the biological and integrated control of mite and insect pests and on the effects of abiotic and biotic factors on the performance of phytoseiid species in biological control. He was Rector of AUA (2014-2018), Vice Chair of the Department of Crop Science of AUA (2009-2013) and Chair of the same Department (2013-2014).


Dr Papadoulis’s scientific output comprises >200 scientific papers (33 recorded by Web of Science); he supervised 20 M.Scs and 5 Ph.D students. He is member of the Systematic and Applied Acarology Society (London, England), European Association of Acarologists (EUR.A.AC), Hellenic Entomological Society, Hellenic Zoological Society and Hellenic Range and Pasture Society.