Oral presentations will be 20 minutes, including questions and discussion with the audience. Please plan your slides accordingly. The session moderator will introduce each speaker, monitor time and assist in facilitating an interactive, educational experience during the question and answer period.

Presentation Format

All presentations must use a PowerPoint (Microsoft) format (.ppt or .pptx) or a PDF.

If your presentation contains any movies, be sure to bring a file MPEG4, AVI or WMV. Personal computers cannot be used.

All speakers must upload their presentation files at the speaker ready room at least 3 hours before the beginning of each session/symposium (30 minutes before, only if your presentation is scheduled in the session on the first day of the congress). Please bring your file on a USB memory stick.


Poster panel size is (75 cm x 110 cm) (width x height), posters must be 70 cm wide x 100 cm long. Make sure your poster size does not exceed these dimensions. Font size should be not smaller than 14 p Arial or similar font and suitable for reading at a distance of 1 metre.

Poster boards will be numbered. The date, time and location of your poster presentation will be indicated in the abstract book at the schedule and program part. The poster Author are kindly requested to attend their posters during this time.

You are in charge of bringing a printed version of your poster to the conference. In case you need to print your poster, there are printing services located close to the congress site. Nonetheless, please bear in mind that the conference committee and staff will not be able to assist you with printing services during the conference days. Scotch tape to set up your poster will be provided at the registration desk.

Please take your poster down at the end of the session. Any poster left on the panels will be recycled.

Each poster is recommended to include:

– Title,

– Author(s),

– E-mail address of corresponding author,

– Introduction or Literature Review,

– Materials and Methods,

– Results and Discussion (including figures, tables, color photographs, charts) and a list of key references.

The Symposium Secretariat will not be responsible for posters left on the boards.